Blogger Profile: Lindsay Stordahl, The Blogger Behind

Lindsay Stordahl and her black lab mix, Ace (Photo credit to Lindsay Stordahl)

Lindsay Stordahl and her black lab mix, Ace (Photo credit to Lindsay Stordahl) is a blog for dog lovers who wish to share their experiences as dog owners and learn from the experiences of others. While some blogs tend to lecture readers on which methods are wrong and which are right, encourages readers to be open minded and learn from each other. Raising a dog can be a difficult process and it’s impossible for a single person to hold all the answers.

Lindsay Stordahl, owner of, started blogging while working as an editor and page designer for a newspaper. Lindsay found her job at the newspaper to be unfulfilling and wished to pursue blogging as a full-time career.

Although it was a risk, Lindsay quit her job at the newspaper, started a dog walking business, and further pursued her goal of making a successful living off her blog. Now for seven years Lindsay has made a living off her two loves: dogs and writing.

“Mostly I just love dogs and writing so it made sense to start a dog blog. There weren’t as many dog blogs at that time and I thought it would be easy to become the best dog blogger. Mostly I just wanted a place where I could write and share information and hopefully make a little money. I always wanted my blog to be my source of income. I just wasn’t sure how to get there.”

For Lindsay, communicating with her audience and sharing ideas has been one of the most fulfilling aspects of running a blog. On a daily basis, she gets to converse with numerous readers who share similar interests and passions.

“[My favorite aspect of running a blog is] connecting with other people who love dogs and share the same views as me on training, raising dogs, rescuing dogs, etc. At the same time, I also love that I’ve created a place where people are not afraid to disagree and have meaningful discussions without being hurtful. We all have a lot to learn from each other.”

While being self-employed and making a living off something you love can be an extremely fulfilling experience,  it also has its challenges. For self-employed bloggers, there is a lot of pressure to show self-discipline and keep producing interesting content.

“It’s hard to keep writing content that is interesting to me but also interesting and helpful to other people. Each post takes me a long time to write so it’s hard to get everything done.”

“There is so much more to blogging than just writing. I have to manage my editorial calendar, schedule interviews, work with my partners on product reviews & sponsored content, take photos, market my ebooks, manage my email list, run social media campaigns, organize affiliate links and ads, send invoices, format my posts so they actually look good, keep SEO in mind, etc.”

As a blogger and a journalist by trade, Lindsay believes that blogging is the future of journalism. As the newspapers continue to struggle, she believes that readers will turn to individuals for their news and content.

“Blogging is the new journalism. People don’t trust the media. They trust individuals.”

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